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Through Scrutiny, analysis and expert opinion on the Property, we provide accurate services from time to time and believe in fast and precise title search report services.

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Mortgage lenders, law firms and real estate businesses, mainly rely on property title search reports to determine the property legitimacy. Title search process is a huge and monotonous method which needs thorough examination of property records to establish ownership of the property, track any outstanding mortgages, judgements, liens,  and unpaid taxes against the property along with any restrictions like real covenants and easements. People around South India trust Title Viz, as their preferred outsourcing partner for support with this tedious task of title search report generation. While we take care of the title report generation, our valuable customers could concentrate on aligning their real estate and title services to exceed customer expectations.

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We at Title Viz have a complete gamut of offerings related to title search, analysis, retrieval and review of all types of legal documents and public records related to any type of real estate asset – be it commercial or residential or agricultural. Most of the people in India as well as abroad generally face a nightmarish situation in their quest to ascertain the latest ownership of a particular property in India. Indeed, they  have to go through many legal issues regarding ‘Title Search’ as they do not have complete control or knowledge about their properties in India, which is further exacerbated by the fact that most of these records do not have any easy and convenient online retrieval system, but are hided in arcane and manual record keeping systems.

So, our Title Viz provides you with best Title search services to confirm a property’s legal ownership.

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